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    DN150 ,6”
    ANSI Ratings 150# (PN16)
    2 Pieces Body Construction
    Flange Connections
    Valve Material :
    Carbon cast Steel, Stainless cast Steel, Alloy cast Steel, Duplex cast Steel
    Seat Coating Material:
    Tungsten carbide, Stellite, Chrome Plating, Chrome Carbide etc.

    Product Details
    The cast steel metal seated ball valve is suitable for high temperature, serious corrosion, severe services condition containing solid granules, slurry, coal powder, cinder and etc. It has the features of reliable and safe sealing performance, long service life, easy operation.It can work under temperature range -46℃~450℃.
    Anti-static Structure
    High temperature and low temperature ball valve
    Fire-safe Certified API 607
    Blowout-proof stem
    Double Block & Bleed Design
    Low Fugitive Emission Packing
    Cavity pressure self-relief
    Seat designed with dust-proof
    ISO 5211 Mounting PadForged trunnion ball valve factory