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    Name:24-epibrassinolide 0.01% SL
    Structural formula:C28H48O6
    Use:24-epibrassinolide 0.01% SL is a new kind of green plant growth regulator, which can promote the growth of vegetables, melons, fruits and other crops, improve the quality, increase the yield, bright color, and thicker leaves.It can also make the leaf picking time of tea earlier, also can make melon and fruit contain more sugar, larger individual, higher yield, more resistant to storage.
    For fruit trees it can preserve flowers and fruits, significantly improve fruit set rate, fruit growth, fruit size, uniform, good color, sweet, early production of 25-40%, improve cold resistance
    Miao zhuang, disease resistance, resistance, flower growth and fruit protection, fruit uniform and bright, quality improved, early maturity, extended harvest period 15-30 days, yield increased 30-60%
    Applicable crops:
    Fruit trees: lychee longan orange apple pear grape peach loquat plum apricot strawberry banana,use period: the beginning of the flowering stage of the fruit expansion stage.
    Vegetable kind: tomato eggplant wait for solanaceae kind,use period: seedling stage, flowering stage, post-fruiting stage
    Melons: watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, cucumber, etc,use period: seedling stage, flowering stage, post-fruiting stage
    Root class: carrots and so on,use period:seedling stage fleshy root formation stage
    Beans: peas and peas, etc,use period:seedling stage flowering stage pod bearing stage
    24-epibrassinolide 0.01% SL is suitable for food crops, cash crops, vegetables and fruits, etc., to promote the growth, make fruit expanding agent, increase the yield.
    Practical effect:
    It has the following functions: rooting, promoting growth, raising seedlings, strengthening seedlings, preserving seedlings, turning green leaves of yellow leaf disease, promoting fertilization, preserving flowers and fruits, promoting fruit enlargement and early maturity, reducing diseases and relieving diseases, coordinating nutrient balance, resisting drought and cold, reducing pesticide residues in crops, and enhancing crop stress resistance.The first aid for dead seedlings, rotten roots, standing blight and cataplexy caused by stubble, disease, pesticide damage and freezing injury has a significant effect. The application within 12-24 hours has obvious effect and quick recovery.Suitable for food crops, cash crops, vegetables and fruits, etc. to promote growth and increase yield.
    Efficient plant hormones, at very low concentrations, can significantly increase the growth of plant nutrients and promote fertilization.
    Dosage information:
    Dosage information for preparation
    Crop/sitePrevention and treatment of the objectDosage (dosage of preparation/mu)Application method
    CucumberRegulate growth2000-3000 times liquidSpray
    WheatRegulate growth2000-2500 times liquidSpray
    Packing:30ml per bottle,100ml,250ml,500ml,1L,5L,20L,200L etc
    Can be customized according to customer requirements of various specifications of packaging.
    Q:How to order?
    A:Please send us your purchase order by Email:sale1@visionagritech.com or call us sales line:0086-371-55185312,or we can make you Proforma Invoice under your request.
    We need to know the following information for your order before sending you PI:
    1.Product information-Quantity,COA(Material,Technological if needed and Packing requirements etc.)
    2.Delivery time required.
    3.Shipping information-Company name,street address,Phone&Fax number,Destination sea port.
    4.Forwarder鈥檚 contact details if there鈥檚 any in China.
    Q:Is free sample available before place order?
    A:Free sample is available, your side only need to pay the shipping freight or sending us the courier account number, then we will arrange the sample shipping within 3 days. Please send your sample inquiry now, sale1@visionagritech.com
    Q:Are you a trading company or factory?
    A:Henan VISION Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for kinds agrochemical formulation.We have more than 120 agrochemical formulation certificates in China.We can support registration in other countrys.Plant Growth Regulator