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    CCL Self Checkout Platform is developed in Windows version and Android version, which is connected with Store’s existing POS and does not affect the business logic of the existing POS. The customer can scan the product and finish self-checkout according to the instructions of guiding cartoon, sound, text, and the tips. Such as existing POS, it supports membership cards and other rich promotion methods, and supports many payment methods such as bank cards, stored value cards, Alipay, WeChat, and cash. By detecting the weight of the goods to achieve loss prevention, the self-built weight database and weight self-learning algorithm can ensure the safety of the self-checkout cash register system.
    System Features
    Excellent user experience, support for various promotions, payment methods, effective weight loss prevention, seamless integration with existing POS and peripheral devices, management page configuration common information, permission code for convenient intervention, checkout, reporting function.China CCL Platform manufacturers