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    Name: POVIDONE-K30 (PVP-K30)
    CAS NO: 9003-39-8
    Structural formula锛?img src=”/Content/upload/2019521838/201909291512043998111.jpg” alt=”鑱氱淮閰?/>
    Molecular formula : ( C6H9NO )n;
    Appearance: White or yellowish-white powder
    1. Cosmetics industry: PVPK30 series can be used as dispersants, film-forming agents, thickeners, lubricants and adhesives in cosmetics industry. It can be used in hair care products such as hair sprays, mousse, hair-fixing gels, shampoos, hair-fixing fluids and hair dyes. Skin care products such as lipstick, sunscreen, moisturizer and other cosmetics such as modifiers, removers. Odor, toothpaste, etc.
    2. Pharmaceutical industry: PVPK30 is one of the new excipients for pharmaceutical synthesis. It can be used as tablets, binders for granules, solvents and stabilizers for injections, flow aids for capsules, dispersants for liquid preparations and colorants, stabilizers for enzymes and thermosensitive drugs, co-precipitators for insoluble drugs, detoxicators for eye medicines, lubricants and coatings. There are hundreds of medicines using PVP as excipient, such as film-forming agents.
    3. Other industrial uses: paint and coatings, plastics, resins, glass fibers, inks, inks, adhesives, detergents, photographic films, tablets, television tubes, production of medicines, adhesive, disinfectants, paper, textile printing and dyeing industries as dispersants, film-forming agents and emulsifiers.
    Storage: Moistureproof and avoid light, sealed storage
    Packing:25kgs/bag or drumChina Pharmaceutical Ingredient