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    Raschel Printed Grass Green Prayer mat suppliers dustproof Muslim Mosque Makka gifts living room prayer room.
    We are a professional carpet manufacturer in China. The prayer mat is Muslim religious supplies. There are flowers in the design, the Temple of Kerbai in the Tianfang or the Holy Temple of Medina. With exquisite craftsmanship, it can be used as a precious artwork. New explosive embossing, anti-skid, wear-resistant, best-selling overseas portable and easy to clean. Products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world.
    Product Introduction
    鈼?Raschel product shows the yarn divergent vertical cloth fluffy and lustrous
    鈼?Raschel color is pure and generous, the Raschel is high in weight, the plush is fine and dense, the fabric is thick, the cost is high, and the warmth is good.
    鈼?Raschel surface has a layer of plump and fine fluff covered, no texture, soft and smooth, with a fluffy, full-feeling
    鈼?The Raschel embossed carpet is outstanding in terms of aesthetic value, decorative effect, wear resistance, and good resilience after pressing.
    Quick Details
    Product Details
    We have a variety of patterns to choose from. Or customers can customizeRaschel Mat Free Sample