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    Our History
    Hangzhou Keying Chem Co., Ltd. Is dedicated to research, development, and production as well as specializing in trading of pharmaceutical, chemical and biological service and the products covers fine chemicals, polymers, food / feed additives, APIs, pesticides, dyes and pharmaceutical intermediates.
    Our Product
    Fine chemicals, polymers, food/feed additives, APIs, pesticides, dyes and pharmaceutical intermedaites.
    Production Equipment
    Production workshop, R&D center, quality inspection center, and sewage treatment factory, etc.
    Production Market
    Our Service
    Our quality control Dept. is engaged in the activities for securing stable product quality. and it is responsible for the guidance with and the management of quality assurance activities of the entire company in order to ascertain that our manufacturing activity could be carried out in compliance with the related laws, regulations and ISO standard.Sodium fluorosilicate in stock