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    Our Business Structure
    80% of the company’s core business consists of rack, 20% of its strategic business consists of automated system integration, third-party logistic as emerging business of our company锛孫ur company will accelerating the business planning and the project will continue to achieve
    Our Service
    Pre-Sales Service:
    1.Quick response to your requirements
    2.Free design and provide accurate quotes
    3.Make samples according to your requirements
    Post-Sales Service:
    1. Make sure the safe delivery of goods and provide relevant documents;
    2,.Provide installation drawings,pictures,video materials etc., to ensure that the installation is correct
    3. Warranty period: 60 months.
    For detailed service system, please refer to our contract terms.
    Our Factory
    Super racking is a professional manufacturer integrating design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service; We mainly produces all kinds of warehouse storage racks (such as heavy duty rack,light duty rack,cantilever racks,mold racks etc.), logistics equipment (such as wire mesh container,steel pallets,etc.) are actively expanding into the international market. If you are interested in this business, please contact us for sales.
    Our Customer
    Super-racking has built tens of thousands of logistics and warehousing automation projects, and won high praise from BASF SE, GREE锛學almart锛孲AMSUNG, Siemens锛宎nd many other multinational groups in China and domestic enterprises. Products selling well all over the world.Wholesale Mold Rack For Irregular Mold Tool