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    The plate multi-effect evaporator works on the principle of using multiple plates with alternative products and heating channels. The product and heating medium are transferred in a countercurrent manner through their associated channels. The defined plate spacing produces a strong turbulence with a particular plate shape resulting in optimum heat transfer efficiency. The intense heat transfer causes the product to boil while the vapor formed drives the residual liquid, such as the rising film, to move up. The residual liquid and steam are separated by a downstream centrifugal separator. The wide inlet duct and upward movement ensure an optimal distribution over the entire cross section of the heat exchanger.
    The plate heat exchanger is composed of main components such as frame, heat transfer plate set and clamping bolt. The frame includes a fixed compression plate and a movable compression plate supported by the upper guide and the lower guide and has a post at the other end. The pressed corrugated sheet is hung on the upper guiding rod between the two plates, the movable pressing plate is pressed to press the plate group, and then the clamping pressing plate and the movable pressing plate are clamped by a set of clamping studs. To a certain size. The two media flow into the respective channels formed by the corrugated plates through the flange holes of the fixed (or movable) pressing plate, and the medium flows out through the flange holes of the fixed (or movable) pressing plates after the heat exchange. The same pressing plate, movable pressing plate, pillar and guide rod are all low carbon steel. Considering the user’s multiple use requirements, the frame design has various types, mainly including double support frame type and common floor type, etc., and the type of the frame can also be changed according to the requirements of the user.
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